love spins on the web

February 14, 2008


Love is a choice and that choice happens everywhere including the triple www. Technology makes love accessibe. Thats what this illustration is about – love places and love aiders. Another way of contributing to the 14th hype. Love easily and truly.


love rocks every given day

February 14, 2008


my love tribute. Give love, take love.


February 14, 2008


I got my first copy of Tintin when I was in primary school over 15yrs back and I was glued to it, the colours, simplicity, drawing style and easy to follow plot was fun to be with. I however gave my Tintin’s to some friends of  mine who never returned them so it was mega happinness for me when I found this blog that has links to most if not all of the tintin books, that you can download as PDF’s. I have downloaded a title already and am getting ready to go back in time. See you there.The link to the tintin blog is

character design

February 13, 2008


I have always been fascinated by characters and some of my all time favourites are tintin and his crew, dexter, flintstones etc and they sometimes pop up in my work. I did this last week and gave him a lift via color pencils this week. He is still nameless- I guess that’s why he is angry

black and white composite

February 12, 2008


I am really commited to this getting this blog above ground. My take is that, a post big or small would help hype that commitment. So I present to you a drawing I threw up sometime in 2005 . Its a composite of characters and text. It shows the graffiti slant that’s present in my work and my love for characters and black and white art. The Asians, Audrey Beardsley, Keith Haring are big on the monochorome Art tip. What do you think?


February 11, 2008

We have finally gotten infected by the blog virus. Our blog will feature behind the scene and onstage happenings of the seekproject, everything from art, design, our work process, interests etc will be covered. This is  going to be fun!