Faceless mark stealers

December 31, 2009

faceless mark stealers

Stealers correctly positioned to zap your ability to question out of your minds leaving you in a state of uneasy calm. Whatever that means.


Liquid search

December 30, 2009


Most things look cool but we searching

The near depressing mood associated with searching for fuel, a situation were almost everything moves slowly, rather too slowly.

Canine Cool

December 29, 2009

Canine Cool
The week of christmas, I was book hunting for my niece and nephews on the hunt, I stumbled on a “how to draw animals” book and got one for myself. The book had a draw a dog page, and I referenced part of the dog drawing in the book to create this image. Draw365 no.6

The ark
For this drawing, I wanted to create an image inspired by tightly woven geometric shapes but, I got stuck in the process of drawing so I started adding tiny sketches of characters to the page using blue inked pens that offered a bit of contrast to offset the black image. Not quite satisfied, I laid zipper-inspired black lines all over the page and at theat moment, the drawing made a lot of sense to me: The drawing is about tiny characters visibly engaged in one activity or the other in an ark like contraption. However, the same device that accommodates them also imprisons them. “You can check in anytime you want but you can never leave”.


Litter market place
Draw365 no. 4. Marketplace litter. That’s all folks.


December 25, 2009


sky biking

Well, some adventurous creatures went biking in the sky, some trouble started(not clear how) and the bikes started losing pressure so they jettisoned them and helped themselves stay together until rescue came. Draw365 post no.3


December 24, 2009



Draw 365 post no.2 . Portrait of a guy with a flatcap, stylized fu manchu mustache and a frown. 


December 22, 2009


My first drawing for the drawing project: http://twitter.com/draw365 , naturally it is Converse inspired. Thank you Supernova for getting this project up.

DRAW 365

December 22, 2009

I recently joined the Draw365 project, Draw365 is a drawing project were members draw, post their drawings on their site,bog etc and then share the drawings with other members via twitter on a daily basis for 365 days! I have decided to dedicate this blog to the Draw365 project and will post all of my drawings here. Projects like these help sharpen ones drawing ability and connects one with other amazing creative people, this project will definitely be fun. Your can follow the project here: http://twitter.com/draw365

Once again to participate, just draw, post and share. Thank you.