T.V programming starts by 4pm however, you can keep yourself busy by staring at the color bars and listening to hypnotic sound. O.k,will explain what this is about later.



Free-falling heart-bearers.

Scrawly dance

After smooth vector lines comes this hurried mass of lines. Have a nice weekend Draw365 crew.

geometric tranceDecided to go with smooth vector lines for this drawing. The drawing is loosely inspired by the shape of a computer mouse, the shape gave me a foundation to build upon and I kept on tweaking the piece, adding and subtracting shapes until I had to stop( at least for now).

rear-pocket gods

Disgusted rear-pocket gods deliberating as faceless humans bow. Flipped version below, what do you think? 

rear-pocket gods

Turban Love

January 26, 2010

Turban Love

Turban Love in warm and neutral colours.

"Might isn't always right"
“Never give in to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy”. W. Churchill. Have a nice day at work today.

Custom waste removal vans
This is an extension of yesterday’s drawing. Three custom vans for waste removal with in-built drivers.

Toxic transport.
So on this day, the waste removal authority came up with smart plan to dump the toxic in the forest as the other dumpsite not in the forest was just too far away, Some hours later, can neatly placed atop the removal mobile the waste began its journey to the land of vertically endowed green creatures A.K.A trees. Unknown to the removal driver, a rather long cold blooded animal had gotten itself roped around the toxic can with the intent of figuring out what was in it. His desire  met with motivation, motivation met with curiousity and after a while the unholy( in this case) rendevouz  led to to the  emission of a rather foul odor that Mr Cold blood could barely withstand, the driver knowing his mission had been aborted produced a steady but uneasy smirk on his face.

Ok. If the story makes any sense, just say hello to the person right by your side or better yet tell him/her  you love … Never-mind. Have an awesome weekend Draw365 crew and the non draw365 crew.

Lost heart

She said she preferred someone with a bit more height, someone with a traditional personality so she left him and all he can think of now was the days when their hearts were linked.  Color below:

lost heart