This is a project I worked on in April 2013: Illustrations for My Africa Is: Lagos Chronicles documentary. The illustrations feature the mass transit “danfo” bus draped in colours common to public transportation in Lagos, names of various locations in the city and the local language.

Will be posting more drawings hopefully soon.


happy new year

happy new yearHappy new year. Kinga Shinnen. Be careful not to let any challenge stop you from imagining and creating. Beauty exist in chaos. Light in darkness. Create, share and bless. Have a great year!. 🙂
















My daily daily drawing project Draw365 has gotten to the 274th mark. Considering I started this project in December 2009, this isn’t a situation I am particularly pleased with but, in recent months I have gotten involved in exhibiting my drawings (locally and internationally), organising art workshops, art directing and creating illustrations for commisioned projects. These projects have taken a fair bit of my time hence the lack of consistency with my daily drawing posts.

At this point, its a bit awkward referring to this project as a daily drawing project as months have come and gone with no drawings to show but, I have the urge and enthusiasm to finish what i have started. I have 91 drawings to create in order to complete this iteration of the Draw365 daily drawing project and in the coming days and months I will be posting drawings as I make them.

I really appreciate the interest that this project has generated. Thank you for all the views, comments and Twitter RTs, they have been quite motivating. 🙂

For today, I present the 24th drawing from my Draw365 Pattern series : Draw365 #275

Thank you 🙂