happy new year

happy new yearHappy new year. Kinga Shinnen. Be careful not to let any challenge stop you from imagining and creating. Beauty exist in chaos. Light in darkness. Create, share and bless. Have a great year!. 🙂


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Turban Love

January 26, 2010

Turban Love

Turban Love in warm and neutral colours.

Siamese Funk

Say hello to the Siamese Funk, actually the real Siamese Funk still resides in my sketchbook will complete work on it hopefully soon.

Worm Juice

Worm Juice: Extra filtered. Still 100% organic, no additives.  Color worm juice below:

Worm juice

Three layers to Red. Decided to stay away  from strong blocks of black and lots of lines in creating this piece. Its about How deep your love is. I think I will draw this piece again but with better shaped hearts. Color version below:

Three layers to Red.

Fragmented image triangle Fragmented triangles bearing different triangles bound together by lines.

Characters here are traumatized by the plethora of lines they are stuck in.