Draw365 Post No. 282 #Draw365.



Lost heart

She said she preferred someone with a bit more height, someone with a traditional personality so she left him and all he can think of now was the days when their hearts were linked.  Color below:

lost heart

Characters here are traumatized by the plethora of lines they are stuck in.

lovers on twisted stilts

I had two songs playing in my head while drawing this> Julia says by Wet, Wet, Wet and that ” so there’s music in the air lots of loving everywhere so give me the night song”. Lovers on twisted stilts. Thank you and goodnight.

The ark
For this drawing, I wanted to create an image inspired by tightly woven geometric shapes but, I got stuck in the process of drawing so I started adding tiny sketches of characters to the page using blue inked pens that offered a bit of contrast to offset the black image. Not quite satisfied, I laid zipper-inspired black lines all over the page and at theat moment, the drawing made a lot of sense to me: The drawing is about tiny characters visibly engaged in one activity or the other in an ark like contraption. However, the same device that accommodates them also imprisons them. “You can check in anytime you want but you can never leave”.